End-to-end service for Start-ups

Startup business owners will have to effectively manage several areas to be successful with the limited resources at their disposal. Our services cover People, Process and Technology. Getting expert support in these areas lets you focus on advancing your core business. Our comprehensive professional services encompass IT Infrastructure and Recruitment Services.


Job skills and scope are evolving at an accelerated pace to match the rapid strides in Technology. Disruptive changes to business models further impact the skill and employment landscape. Companies that succeed with weather this storm by using employees as a strategic differentiator. While some core skills continue to have perennial importance, a vast number of skills continue to evolve over time. Organizations will have to build competencies in-house to train their employees or work with competent partners. We have designed our offerings to address the nascent demand in the SME segment.

RPO Services

Partner with in-house recruitment team and take ownership for hard-to-fill roles, spikes in demand or project ramp-up. Intent is to partner with you and bring complementary efficiencies and value. Clear governance and reporting process that will drive transparency in the progress as we assume ownership of planning, management of recruitment process and the results. Our offerings cover both Tech & Non-Tech hiring and can be customized to your specific needs. We have curated a large diverse talent pipeline during our professional career that we leverage for our clients.